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Villa A.

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A luxurious villa in Küsnacht, whose intended design for a family with three children was considerably compressed due to building regulations on cubature and building height, but which still proudly reflects the tradition of former villas along the “Gold Coast” of Lake Zurich. It is thus distinct from the contemporary blocks of concrete and glass which claim to be villas, but whose abstractness engenders a functional restriction and thus brings an impoverishment to the way of life which, especially in Switzerland, brought forth this great villa culture. The classic habitus, which seems foreign to contemporary eyes, was actually the prevailing convention even for the Swiss tradition of bourgeois house-building.

An avenue lined with cherry trees leads to the entrance portal on the north side of the villa and then one climbs the few steps and crosses the hall to enter the two-storey living space and finally reach the colonnaded portico which pays tribute to this unique location with its views over the lake and mountains.

The façade, crafted in Roman travertine with the greatest possible precision, is characterised by the contrast between Cubist unity and tectonic relief, which is developed to a delicate playfulness with the pergola, main building and guesthouse.

The garden designed by Peter Wirtz was unfortunately not realised in the form intended.
Branch:Atelier Prof. Hans Kollhoff GmbH
Project Manager:Martin Spaett
Project Address:
Construction Sum: 33 Mio. €
FAR:4.200 m2
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Küsnacht Main FaçadeKüsnacht BalconyKüsnacht CourtyardKüsnacht CapitalKüsnacht Pergola