Light and shadow in architecture
Light and shadow in architecture

The Secret of the Shadow

Light and shadow in architecture

Light and shadow need not be reinvented. Their complementing unity always constituted essence of architecture, despite all efforts oft he Modern Movement, now in its ripe old age, to sacrifice corporeality for transparency and order for abstraction. Architecture is anthropomorphic analogy: What is more exciting than shaping the physiognomy and the shadow play oft he human body, whose limbs show beneth the clothes? What is more abvious than identifying architectural character from the proportioning of volumes and gaining a three-dimensional shape from tectonic forming?

Hans Kollhoff
Exhibition Space:Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Address:Schaumainkai 43
Date:23.03.2002 - 16.06.2002
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Light and shadow in architectureLight and shadow in architecture